Infant burial ministry

Provided at little to no cost to families, our Infant Burial Ministry helps families to honor the loss of a child in a dignified and holy way.

Honoring god’s gifts

While the passing of a loved one is always difficult, losing a child can be particularly devastating. One of the core beliefs of the Catholic Church is that life begins at the moment of conception, and every child is a gift from God, regardless of their stage of development. Whether a child is lost through miscarriage, stillbirth, illness, or accident, that loss may leave parents and families in shock and uncertain of what to do next. Calvary Cemetery offers a way for parents to honor their child in death.

a final resting place

As a part of its mission to bury the dead, Calvary Cemetery offers the opportunity for families to give their lost infant a final resting place, and the cemetery provides a setting of peace in our infant sections, which help bring solace to grieving families.


avoiding financial hardship

Often, a young family may not be financially prepared for the death of a child, and the funeral expenses may create a financial hardship for them. Calvary’s infant ministry aims to alleviate that burden by donating a burial space in the infant section and the cost of the opening and closing of the grave. In doing this, we are helping to keep costs at a minimum for bereaved parents.

Calvary Cemetery currently has four infant sections, and each of them belongs to a different garden/section of the cemetery. The newest infant section is called the Garden of Guardian Angels.

A Burial SPACE

As a part of its mission to bury the dead and provide comfort to grieving families, Calvary has set aside sections of the cemetery specifically for infant burial (up to two years of age). Calvary provides the burial space to the family at no charge.

opening and closing

Calvary also provides the opening and closing of the grave at no cost to the family. The opening and closing includes the preparation of the grave, the setup of chairs and a table for a service at the graveside with their pastor or minister, and the filling of the grave.


Calvary strives to keep the expenses as low as possible to grieving parents and families. However, there are a few items that families may choose to purchase to honor the blessing of their child.

A burial vault is not required, but it is highly recommended. Calvary has small fiberglass vaults available for minimal cost.

Infant Marker Sample

Many families may choose to purchase and place an infant memorial marker. While the expense of the grave marker is left to the family, Calvary’s office staff will help the family design a marker that truly honors their child.

the guardian angelS infant section

Over 100 years of serving families has necessitated the development of a new infant section. Calvary has three other infant sections that are filled to capacity, and in order to accommodate the needs of our growing community, the newest section for infant burial will be its own designated garden at Calvary. It will be known as the Garden of the Guardian Angels.

With over 500 spaces available, this newest infant section is large enough to serve the needs of families in our community for decades to come. It is set in a peaceful area with a backdrop of forest. The feature of this new section is a hand-carved granite statue of a guardian angel holding a child.

If you or someone you know has suffered the recent loss of a child, please remember that Calvary Cemetery is here to offer a place of rest and solace. We know that the pain suffered from the loss of a child may make you feel lost, forsaken, and alone, but we firmly believe that every child, no matter how young, is a precious and sacred gift from God.

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