Cemetery Visits & Decorations


It is a good and holy thing to honor the graves and crypts of our loved ones with flowers and decorations. While we realize that there are many different ideas as to what are beautiful and appropriate decorations, the following guidelines have been established for the common good so that the beauty of our cemetery can be maintained. These guidelines try to strike an appropriate balance between the necessary regard for the safety of the cemetery staff and visitors and the needs of the families whose loved ones are buried in our cemetery.


1. Fresh cut and artificial flowers placed in floral containers attached to the monument are always welcome decorations. Floral “saddles” may be placed on top of upright monuments. Lot owners should be aware of the fact that artificial flowers tend to fade and disintegrate over time due to the effects of weather. The cemetery reserves the right to remove and/or dispose of any floral decorations (fresh cut and/or artificial) when they become wilted, discolored, damaged or unsightly. It is not permissible to stick artificial flowers in the ground in front of or in the area around headstones or monuments. All flowers must be placed in and attached firmly to permanently installed flower vases. Permanently installed flower vases must be approved by Calvary Management and installed by either cemetery employees or an approved monument dealer.

2. Flowers, trees, and other plants may not be planted on the grave site.

3. Flowers brought to the cemetery following a funeral will be removed from the grave three days following the burial. Any person wishing to retain floral designs or decorations must remove them within 48 hours following the funeral service.

4. Stepping stones and benches are not permitted on the lots.

5. Bench privileges may be purchased through Calvary Cemetery, and are limited to certain areas of the Cemetery.

6. Wooden fences, trellises, headboards, or any other enclosures around lots or graves are not permitted.

7. If any monument, structure, object or inscription placed in or upon any monument or structure on any lot which shall be determined to be offensive, improper, or injurious to the surrounding lots or grounds, it shall be the right and duty of Calvary Management to correct the object or remove it from the monument and/or lot.

8. It is not permissible to hang items in trees, and/or shrubbery near grave sites, including but not limited to bird feeders, bird houses, hanging plants, balloons, whirly gigs, wind chimes, solar lights, wooden signs, banners, or other decorations. Calvary Management maintains the authority to remove and dispose of such items

9. Items placed in or on the ground, or on monuments, including but not limited to: shepherd’s hooks, statues, glass objects/containers, clay or ceramic pots, rocks, shells, toys, stuffed animals, solar lights, balloons, wreaths, wooden or metal crosses, candles, or other ornamental objects are strictly prohibited. Calvary Management maintains the authority to remove any object from the Cemetery that does not comply with these regulations. Removed items can be retrieved from the Cemetery maintenance department. All removed items will be disposed of after 30 days.

10. While every effort will be made to care for decorations, the cemetery regrets that it cannot be responsible for any grave decorations which are lost, stolen, or damaged.

11. Due to fire hazards, never place lit incense sticks, candles, cigarettes, or any other flammables in the ground. Please do not leave trash, beer cans, cigarettes, or other litter anywhere on the grounds. Disposal of rubbish on the drives or any part of the grounds is prohibited.


1. MARCH 1 – MARCH 15. All decorations placed on the grave over the winter will be removed and discarded in preparation for the growing season. Lot owners should retrieve any items they wish to keep before this date. Lot owners are asked not to place any decorations during this time.

2. During mowing season, no decorations are allowed to be placed on the ground. All decorations must be placed in vases attached to monument or approved in-ground vases.

3. Any item found on the ground, lot, or grave which interferes with mowing and trimming of the cemetery grounds will be removed without notice.

4. All floral decorations must be placed on the monument in a permanently installed vase.


1. Grave blankets or grave coverings are permitted; however, they may not be secured with metal stakes driven into the ground.

2. Artificial wreaths less than 30 inches high placed on stands are permitted.


1. Floral decorations, wreaths, potted flowers and American Flags will be permitted on the gravesite for a period of three days before and one week following each of the six (6) special days, which are: Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, Father’s Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. All decorations left on the gravesite past the allotted time will be removed and disposed of by maintenance.

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